Using OE without PortReflector


I am sure this was covered before, however, what is the best way to get Outlook Express running and getting e-mail under Classic in Mac OS X without resorting to PortReflector?

Gino J. Piazza
You don't need port reflector under the final. I hate to say this but everyone who bought that app was ripped off. All portreflector does is allow Classic to access your internet connection. Under the final (4K78 and later) Classic can access the internet connection anyway.

As far as OE running under Classic. I have yet to hear of anyone getting it to work. I was not able to get it to work when I went to export my e-mail into

Sorry but I don't think OE will run in X.
VGZ, I was told how to get it to work on the Mac OS X Users mailing list. Under Network > Internal Modem > PPP > PPP Options, uncheck 'Use TCP Header
Compression.' I now have OE working in Classic just fine. Try it.

Gino J. Piazza