Using SSH


Dunno if this should be here or in the "problems" forum, but ...

I recently installed the OpenSSH package from + cannot get ssh working. This is on OS X 10.0.4 build 4S10.

When I try to connect, I get the following errors (obviously, foo is a valid user &, are valid domains):

[localhost] ~ % ssh
FATAL: Connecting to failed: No address associated to the name

[localhost] ~ % ssh
warning: Need basic cursor movement capablity, using vt100
warning: Authentication failed.
Disconnected; protocol version not supported (Illegal protocol version.).

Any ideas? How do I get this working?

Thanks very much in advance for any tips/help!

Did you try sshing to the ip address? Don't think that'll do it, though.

I was getting 'invalid packet' or something when sshing from redhat to macosx, now I do:

ssh -1 user@host

(thats - one, not the letter l).
Hope you figure this out, please post if you do.
A few questions:
Are both machines OS X? If not which is which?
Why did you isntall the package from in the first place? OS X 10.0.4 comes with ssh 2.9p1 (latest is 2.9p2) and the version at osxgnu is 2.4...
Besides that there are two different versions of the ssh protocol (SSH1 and SSH2). Depending on your client and server configuration your client might only support SSH2 and the server only version SSH1 or vice versa. There's also a commercial ssh that's not completely compatible to OpenSSH.
For deeper information see:
man ssh
man sshd
OpenSSH Homepage

Note, also, that the Web Sharing Update for 10.0.4 will update ssh to 2.9p2 (and fix its SSH2 compatibility problems found in the one which came with 10.0.4).