Using the Usps Clicn-n-ship


(This might be a duplication. I do not know if my first posting went.)

I am trying to use the United State Postal Service Click-N- Ship website. This is where one is able to purchase a postage label for a package. The label prints on it the postage, sender’s name and to whom package is going.

Previously, before the USPS updated its website, I was able to print the labels with all the information on them. Then the USPS updated the website and I have not gotten the bar code to print.

I have spent about 3 hours on the phone with the USPS help people and they have sent me a copy of ther “Preparing your Mac for Click-N-Ship”. I have done all the steps and the label should open in Adobe Reader 7. Mine does not. It opens in Preview and does not show or print the bar code. I got the label to print correctly one time but not again.

I could forward the USPS pamplet if someone would like.

I have worked on this for weeks now. I have an online shipping business and I really need to use the USPS website.

This is the first question I have posted so I am not sure if I have provided all the information that is needed. I am using a Mac OS X 10.3.9. I have installed Abobe Reader 7 (I think correctly). Thanks so much for anyone’s help. - Susan