Using X as Your Main OS Yet?


Fark Lover
Is anyone else using Mac OS X as their main OS yet? I am! These software packages made it possible:

1) Toast Titanium for X (5.1 Preview Release)

Not perfect, but pretty darn good. I use this to burn unless I need access to long filenames. Then I have to move all the files over to Windows. Please save me, Roxio and release a long filename version for X soon!

2) Thoth (Usenet Client)

More expensive than other newsreaders, but still very affordable ($25). It's powerful and (for a newsreader) easy to use. It's also long filename compatible which made my transition away from MacOS 9 even more complete. (See #1 for more filename transition woes).

3) Unrar 2.50 Darwin Port

Yes, it's a command-line program and I do wish it had a nice GUI, but it works so much more quickly than MacOS 9's MacUnRAR that I'm more than willing to sacrifice form over function. Now if I could only get my friend to finish his SFV port, I'd be in heaven.

I guess that's it for now... Can't wait for 10.1!
I wish i could say the same for me. i'm a sound fx editor for tv/film and OS X is still too slow, and more importantly all of my hardware doesn't work and doesn't look like it will for at least 6 months to a year, so OS X is still a fun little toy for me for the time being.
Have been since I got the TiBook - thanks to SQLGrinder, DAVE, Terminal and VPC (slow though it is), I now NEVER have to use the piece of shit Dell that my employers call a workstation. I can use my Mac in a capacity for work that I never could before, just cos I don't have to convince our netadmins to let me install anything on the NT side... And last but not least, it just looks so damn sexy...
Personally I still use OS 9 as my main OS.
Although half the things that I do in OS I can do in OS X, the other half I dont feel like rebooting into OS 9 to use, or use classic :p

Things like composing in Greek, DVD playback CD burning, and use apps like photoshop, VPC and final cut.

I hope once 10.1 comes out Greek, DVD, CD-R and VPC issues are solved. The rest I can partially cope with :)

i am a home user. and i have been using OS X as my main OS for a while. i only use 7 or 8 apps so I only boot Classic once in a while.

I basically just use:
Address Book
AOL Instant Messenger
Appleworks 6.2
System Preferences

I'll boot Classic once in a while for Entourage in case I have trouble with Mail or if I wanna use Realplayer.
usually i can't stand os 9 for not having mysql and php, but i would only consider os x as my main os if photoshop and golive were there, once those apps come out that's it for me. unless i want to play deusx (the best shooter/role-playing) game i have ever seen, and starcraft the best strategy game, and addictive as hell. i cand live without serious graphic apps, and i tried, relaly i tried, stuff like pl32, which cood become good in a few versions, but they don't even compare to photoshop. and golive, i guess if dreamweaver was out for x i'd use it, but i like the integration of adobe apps better and they make me work faster than dreamweaver; which is not even out for x so let's not talk about it.
I forced everyone in my business to use OSX about 6 weeks ago (well it is only 3 g4s!) We've been using all the standard graphics apps in Classic:

Photoshop & Illustrator mainly

Plus the other stuff such as office.

I figured that we should get to know the new OS now rather than later, and it has worked! Roll on 10.1 as so we can be rewarded for our enthusiasm!

Generally, the only points that we got stuck on occassionally were:
-- getting used to the new network connection to other Macs and PCs (using actual TCP/IP numbers to connect rather than Appletalk)
-- Occassional annoyances with the speed (which isn't that bad when your working in your application)
-- Generally getting used to the new gui.

So, when that update comes out, and those essential Adobe apps (Illustrator 10 etc.) Then we'll not have to spend anytime getting used to new applications and a new system!!!:D
I use OS X as my main os at home. The only time I reboot into 9 is when I want to play GlTron:D . I also use Photoshop and some various games in Classic mode... And also with the carbonization of Iconographer I use classic even less.
now that 5G48 is out it is my main OS. Burning data is done with the new disk copy, audio is done with iTunes. all the graphics apps I use run in classic except for FCP2. this OS rocks!