UT2004 3355 - when exit, system hangs - pls help


i have a 1.8 single G5, Tiger 10.4, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9800 (256MB) graphics card. installed UT2004 (installer in dvd has the date March 7, 2004, i bought the game on august 2005) and applied 3355 patch. game sometimes hangs on start (dark screen, nothing happens) but systematically hangs on exit. game plays fine for hours, no problems there, only when i exit i get a dark screen - no message, nothing, just a dark screen. i have a usb hub plugged into the computer (i know ut has problems with the iSight cam).

i repaired the permissions, but no change.

i will try the new installer (date on that is March 30th 2004), and let you kow what happens.

any other suggestions appreciated.

i trashed the ut2004 and re-installed using the updated installer. same thing. i started the game 5 times, and it hung 2 times on start, and 2 times on exit. only 1 time it started/exited without problems. this is so annoying ! i tried both without the 3355 patch, and with it. same thing. i unplugged the usb hub, and still no change. gameplay is ok though. any ideas ??