UT2004 ver 3355 - again at start/exit system hangs -


i am back with the same problem: when i start UT2004, i get the intro screen, a 'beach ball' for a few seconds, then the screen goes black. at this point if i am lucky, i get the nvidia logo and then another screen and finally the game menu. (game plays without any problems, by the way). if i am not lucky, when the screen goes black nothing happens - computer is dead dead, keyboard has no effect, nothing. i have to kill it and reboot again. and then the game starts ok, mostly. same thing when i exit the game - sometimes the screen goes black and that's it !

before i even installed the game, i upgraded the video card to an ati 9800 mac edition (special edition), i installed the ati-displays software that came with the card and i had this problem with UT quite a lot - EVERY time i would start or exit the game, at least one of these events would freeze the computer. i trashed the ati-displays software (which i believed contained drivers for the card, but it is in fact a weird settings program that i don't need), and right after that - for about 1 week - i had no problems whatsoever with the game, but now the problem is there again - admittedly much less than before, but still ...

my system:

1.8 single G5, Tiger 10.4, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9800 (256MB) graphics card.

i did the disk permission thing many times, with no noticeable result.
computer is on all the time (no sleep), so the night cron jobs are (hopefully) doing their job.

other than this, the computer works great, is fast, very responsive and i am very happy with it. if it wouldn't be for onslaught ..... :) by the way, i do NOT go on the internet to play, i play alone....

help highly appreciated.