Vader's kb


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I just found the wickedest looking keyboard I've ever seen -

I just bought one; I *HAD* to have it!

"The graphite color is extremely rich looking, stays clean and blends with most work environments".. sounds like the perfect girlfriend.

It's got 2 space bars.

It's FCC Class B approved.

They repeat the rich clean graphite thing in the bullet list.

*pant pant* I've never felt this way about a keyboard before...
Nice Keyboard :)
The half one though I think I would not like. Too much of a learning curve ;) ... but imagine if I could learn it.. I could type my term papers with one hand and drink coffee with the other lol :p

I just got my newton keyboard today. This thing is SO compact! It's like a hacker's keyboard!!!... maybe I can connect it to my mac lol...speed things up a little :p

well the fucking thing came today and it's all busted up! The F5 key was broken off & the USB port shield was half pulled out of the kb case :(

I sent it back (they're paying shipping) and they're sending out a new one now.
Mmm, yeah. I like the half keyboard.

When I first got OS X, and I was (more) naive, I thought I could write up an Input Service or something that would let me use a regular keyboard as a half-keyboard, but it was beyond me.

I still wish someone would write it though.

Anyone remember these?

basically, letters and such are combinations of keys. Its a one handed deal, I think its designed for disabled people, but I bet it would be a great device for any multitasking individual.

i think they are between $200 and $300. A bit high for my tastes.

Ohh, and this would be *perfect* for using autocad - optical mouse in one hand, bat in the other.

Does anyone know of a cad program like autocad for Macintosh? If it wasn't for autocad, I would *never* use pc's.
the replacement keyboard came (actually it came the next day - they shipped it airborne) and it roxxx! i just discovered that dragging along the right edge of the trackpad acts as a scroll wheel!