Vanishing Appleworks Doc. Cont'


I'd just like to say that I've had the EXACT same problem as another person I've seen on your site.

On more than one occasion I'll open up a new Appleworks document, type up a major paper for school (saving about once every 30 seconds [comand-S], always) and then quit the document.

Later I'll open the document to see my title, and nothing more, staring me in the face. It's EXTREMELY frustrating.

I was relieved to see that somebody else had been on your site with the same problem. I didn't see anything that the tech-support suggested to be of any use however. I really think there is something wrong with Appleworks.

Perhapes I'll pick up a copy of MS Word.

I don't suppose you people have had any recent revelations as to what the problem might be?

You might want to take a look at this post and this one on the Apple Discussions forums.

AppleWorks is getting pretty long in the tooth and was never the most powerful of word processing apps, but before you go buy MS Word there are some other very nice alternatives you might like to take a look at:
  1. Nisus Writer Express 2 is a very nice compact and capable WP app that does a nice job handling Word files. IMHO it has the cleanest interface and best styles management of anything on the market today.
  2. Mellel is another nice relatively compact wp that is well suited to the academic environment and particularly where multiple languages are used. It supports both left to right and right to left text entry.
  3. NeoOffice/J is a complete office suite in one package. The UI is a bit too "Word like" for my taste, but this one does everything including spreadsheets, drawing, and presentation graphics. It also offers a high level of MS file compatibility. Best of all it is free!
  4. Apple's own Pages, part of iWork is the heir apparent to AppleWorks. IMHO, it isn't quite there yet. It can be painfully slow in some operations and I personally don't like the way it scatters "inspectors" all over the desktop but it shows a lot of promise and can handle Word files most of the others choke on.
All of these are less expensive and in many ways more appealing alternatives to MS Word and all of them offer more power and flexibility than AppleWorks. With the exception of Pages all of them offer free trial downloads and NeoOffice/J is completely free. In fact all of them are substantially cheaper than MS Word.
I have and from time to time use all four of those word processors in addition to MS Office. But the one I find myself going to without thinking is Nisus Writer Express. The NWE 2.5 beta has some really nice additional features and so far I have not encountered any major bugs which is unusual for a beta.