Vanishing audio files & text


Using 10.3.9 on iMac G5. For some time have had text in a couple apps vanish even when regularly saved.[AppleWorks & GoLive] Now I wonder if I have a HD problem, because when I try to time-shift FM programs using radioSHARK, only portions of the program are recorded. Frequently an hour show shows a time of 30 min. and it skips around when played back - whether using AAC or AIFF. Doesn't seem to happen when I burn a CD or DVD. However, some graphics disappear every month - small cover art jpegs of CDs for my web site. I know I scanned them and put them in a folder but FIND finds nothing. Tech Tools Pro & Disk Warrior show nothing seriously wrong. I just thought it was a bug in the software of the new radioSHARK tuner.