Various Airport Express problems...


I am setting up a powerbook and a Windows PC (belkin wireless PCI card) on an airport express.
I can access the internet on both computers OK when there is no security set up on the router. When I enable WEP or WPA security from the Mac, my belkin utility software will only look for a 5 or 13 digit security code rather than a password encoded one.
Part of the problem is, I think, that the Airport Set up Assistant, on the PC can't find the Airport Express.
Thanks gsahli, but no help there.

Iv'e now enabled WPA security on the express through the powerbook, unfortunatley my wireless adapter card on the PC doesn't seem to have any settings for WPA (only WEP). So I have gone back to AAU on the apple to set the security back to none and it can't find the base station! Even though it working correctly as I am the internet right now with it.