vBulletin on OSX?


Anyone get vBulletin running on OSX? Im about to try it out and dont want to waste a bunch of time if its not working yet.

Ya I got lite working with no troubles. It sucks big time. If you want FREE Forums go with something else which will be alot more feature rich.
Please see my post in the MacOSX.com/Forums/News & Discussion/ What Is The Best Forum Software thread.

I don't want to be redundant, but I am trying to decide on which forum software to use.
My PERSONAL recomendation to you is to install SEVERAL forum scripts and decide which you like based upon ease of sinstallation/updates, price, functionality and appearance. That's EXACTLY what I've done. My favorite, beating out vBulletin, YaBB SE and others is phpBB 2. It's currently under development, but works just fine in OS X since 2.0 RC 3. You can find it, and many others, at SOURCEFORGE.
I am currently testing out ppBB 1.4.4. Do you know if I can just swap out the folders and leave the MySql stuff alone? Does it have an upgrade path?