Verbose mode every time?


What modifications need to made to which system config files so that verbose mode is enabled at boot up every time - that is so you don't have to hold the keys down each time the system starts?

Well you could put a small, heavy object on your command and V keys.... but that's probably not the solution you were looking for. :) You'll probably also ending up doing more pasting than you want to in certain situations. :D
You can't. I tried getting it to work. It's a no go. There's no config files or anything that the boot loader reads, so unless you're holding the keys down, you're out of luck :\

But if you want to see a REALLY verbose login, boot into open firmware, then use it to boot into OS X. Now <i>that's</i> verbose!
Actually, there is a way; one of the OpenFirmware variables can do this (boot-args). To set, run

sudo nvram boot-args="-v"

if you get sick of verbose mode, you can clear it by running

sudo nvram boot-args=""

Note, not that it's useful, but you can also make the machine always boot into single-user:

sudo nvram boot-args="-s"
Wow, thanks a bunch that works quite well.
And to think I spent a whole evening last week fiddling with various /etc/rc* files trying to force verbose mode every time.