OK, while reading trough all your topics and stuff, I found that you said "Mac OS X 1.0", and "Mac OS X 2.0". Wouldn't the next version after the original Mac OS X be Mac OS XI (11)??????????????

Because calling OS X the tenth revision of MacOS is silly marketing BS.

OS X is not OPENSTEP and it's not MacOS. It borrows some technologies from both and adds plenty of new ones like a new kernel, new display server, new driver architecture etc.

It ought to be called Oh Ess Ex Version One

Remember Apple tried to market SCSI as being pronounced "sexy" and we rejected that too. You don't have to swallow Apple's marketing foolishness.
No Apple actually wanted us to say Mac OS 10 so X is a roman number for ten not a Letter right?

there will be no "version 1.0 or 2.0 it is 10.0 after 9.1 ok?

It should be called Mac OS 10 I am sure next version might be 10.1 or 10.2 so the "X" will be gone after that.

there you go!

To keep people in the dark, think of OS X server.
The original incarnation of OS X server came out a couple of years ago
if I am not mistaken. Right now there existes an incarnation of it called
"MacOS X Server 1.2"

What's all that about ?

according to Mac OS X FAQ PDF document.
It says "Mac OS X Server Release 1.2"

not a verison nbr just a release nbr eh like build nbr.. you know?

but when it comes out after Mac OS X in March it will still use Release 1.2 but aquaified though..

I call it oh es ex all the time :p

Maybe we should just call it what it is in latin :p (anyone know latin here ?
Can you Translate this " Macintosh Operating System X " ??? LOL :p)


OK. I found that "system x" (the x is replaced with 'ten') is sistem deset.

Does this count?? "acintoshMay eratingOpay emSystay enTay" (pig latin)