Very Much Needed Feature!


cocoa love
This is a feature I've been aching for a while now. Im sure other people would like it too. Umm well you know when you minimize things into the dock? Well it would be sooo nice and convienent to be able to close those windows from the dock, instead of unminimizing them and then closing the window. I doubt this will ever happen, but there is always that slight chance :)

this kinda relates to the thread i created about right-clicking. It's just too bad, I save a ton of time now just quitting from the dock, but its painful everytime i have to open the window back up and then close it out.:eek:
what was your thread about right-clicking about? I have a wireless mouse and the Right-Click works fine.

It was about the fact that right click has been imlemented, but is still not acknowleged by apple. A two button pro mouse would be nice.