Very Sad News


It seems so unreal. This afternoon I received a call.

A friend of mine (a.k.a. Jayce) was more than a friend. He was a poster on these forums. A great guy. I don't know why anyone would ever want to hurt him. The call I received this afternoon was from Jayce's father. He was at the hospital. Jayce had been brutally stabbed in a fight. He had just passed on.

I will be away from the forums for about week to help out with Jayce's family and help morn over the huge loss. Jayce was like a brother to me. He taught me a lot of things in life, more like a father than a brother.

My hands are shakey and my tears are flooding over the keyboard right now, so I'll make this short: I won't be able to moderate for a week or two. Thanks for spending your time to read this everybody.

Goodbye Jayce

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I know that you problably wont be spending any time on your computer right now, and that we are all limited in what we can do, but i'm sure that all of us here are very willing to help in any way we can.



Take care Trip...sorry to hear about your friend. Very sad......

Hope you've got lots of friends and family around....keep each other company....


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... very sorry to hear that... it's awful when that kind of thing happens... :(
condolences to you and the family and friends...


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if you need absolutely anything Trip...

Our thoughts are with you man, IM me even if you just need to talk.



Send you lots of energy and strenght...

Your friend will be alive in all the good moments spent together...

In sweet memories...

of sharing this everyday life...

because good friends never die, they fade momentarily away...

All the best...


man, I'm sorry to hear that Trip. That's awful.
remember... do not spurn the help of a therapist. If you feel bad, (and of course you do) don't let it screw up your life. Unfortunately, I did just that a while back and I paid the consequences. go get some help if you need it, that's what therapists are there for. :(