Very Slow Opening of Apps And Most Web Pages


hello, I am the proud owner of a mac g4, 800mHz (powerPC) with 512 mb sdram and I use safari exclusively for web browsing and lately it has been hellish some stuff opens easy, any asp sites no way. (I have dsl) I have sat and stared at the rainbow wheel for countless hours and force quit has become my best friend. I also have this same issue with just about any apple application I try to use. adobe stuff is mostly okay. I have used the disk utility function and have done and verified and repaired permissions endlessly. I have also used my apple hardware test--all apparent issued are 'repaired" according to my machine. yesterday my s.m.a.r.t. thing was listed as failing--but was verified after repair of disk permissions. I know these machines have personalities--I got my first fatmac in the 80's--mine is really tempermental

This mac had a warranty until 1/05 and prior to that I had both the processor, harddrive and one memory stick replaced by apple in efforts to fix my machine for many crashing/disturbing unhappy mac face problems--the machine also went to mac hospital and was returned to me 'fixed'.

I get the feeling this is a software issue--see I had jaguar on the machine when things went whacko last year--I do not own that software--I had shared it with an employer in a small two man web/design endeavor --right before I left this situation that same employer upgraded my system to the panther operating system. so when the mac went to hospital they fixed it and reinstalled panther there--I have not disks to restore and rewrite my hard drive. I have had a myriad of applications come up with bizarre dates, ie., 1976 and some things like iphoto will no longer open. I have tried removing some of these applications which appear to make my computer nuts. what should I do? i've found panther full retail versions online for $49 should I restore this software or look where? I was going to just get tiger (did) but I have no dvd drive. help!