Very Slow Powerpoint In Tiger


OK I am reposting this in case any one knows a way to work round it. Powerpoint presenations that opend fine in Office 10 for MAC on 10.2-10.3 are very slow (up to 5min) on Office 11.2 professional when running on Tiger. With my univesrity IT support we couyld replicate this on a diggerent machine.

The problem appear Tiger specific and is seen in presentations
over 50MB or so-largsish but not excessive and they run fine on imacs or previous generation titanium powerbooks that run 10.2-10.3. Conclusion: likely to be a grahics software problem with tiger or at least incompatibility with current powerpoint version.
ANy suggestion for working round it would be appreciated. Also if anyone can get this through to Microsoft it would be good (I found them very unhelpful).