VHS to Digital converter needed that works with Ventura and M2 chip


Has anyone had any luck finding a VHS to Digital converter that works with M2 and Ventura? I have the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. It worked great until I upgraded to the MacMini with M2 chip. I knew when I did this I'd have to replace it since it states on the box "Intel." However, I assumed there would be an upgrade or new version or something. And there isn't. I may have to re setup the 2014 MacMini just to capture the videos which is going to be a pain in the butt with just one monitor.

So, anyone know any system? Very difficult to figure out since all of them ie Elgato, Roxio, Clear, don't specify anything about the Silicon chip.
If I wanted the entire video tape I would just send off somewhere. But these are tapes were there may be 10-15 minutes on a 2 hr tape to keep