VHS to DVD conversion


Here's an unusual blast from the past..

Is there an easy way to convert VHS movies to DVD? I am of the understanding that some VHS tapes are copy protected and cannot be copied - Can this be overcome?


What you're asking for is controversial. It's technically illegal to make a copy of a copy-protected VHS or DVD. There are those who believe (I'm one of them) that my purchase of that VHS gives me the right to make a backup copy for my personal use and to protect my investment. If you agree, take a look at DVD Red Pro, if it's still available, and if it's legal to buy or own it where you live.

Note that the Elgato thingy is for "home video", meaning not copy-protected material. Most items in this category will carry that proviso.


DVD Creator can help you solve the question. You only need to do the following steps:
Step 1: Download Mac DVD Creator Software and Load Files.
Step 2: Edit Video and Set 3D Video Details (Optional)
Step 3: Preview DVD Menu
Step 4: Customize Menu for the Output
Step 5: Further DVD Burning Settings and Start to Burn