vi -x or "crypt" any subsitutions in OSX??


Does anyone know of a equal on OSX for vi -x or crypt???? I always crypt my important files with vi -x or crypt on my SUN BOX. And i just relized that OSX dont like vi -x. So any help so i can decrypt my text files would be appreciative...
there's a great GPL file encryption program i use in UN*X called 'cruft'.

i haven't tried compiling it in OSXPB yet, but i doubt VERY highly that there would be any problem. it works on the very simple but very clever 'one-time-pad' encryption method and i have compiled it on many UN*X OS's as well as windows (using the gcc for win32, though it needed tiny modifications to work that way...)

i will compile it up tonight (sounds like a perfect first test for the dev tools..) and make a binary available if anyone is interested.