Video Capture Problem (imovie/sony Minidv)


Hello, I can´t import a movie from a Sony mini DV camcorder (DCR-HC90E) into iMovie 3. After having spent 2 hours on usenet/googlegroups etc. search, maybe you can help:

- I can control the camcorder via the remote ctrl buttons of iMovie, but when clicking import, there is no picture (blue canvas, though saying it´s on play mode)
- Same result with other video capture app (tried iDive for ex), so maybe is wrong with the camera settings (or with the cam at all - not for Mac?)

- Camera on VCR mode (Play/Edit), Video output on V-out (instead of LCD panel) - but when clicking play-button in iMovie, the film is still on the LCD
- Film was recorded in the 16:9 format this model offers

iMovie prefs as usual:
- new clip at scene changes

Many thanks


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The Sony DCR-HC90E is a PAL-based camera, so I don't see any problem there.

If your Mac can control the camera, then it knows its there. I'd put it down to a setting on the camera, and it not sending the correct signal through the Firewire cable.


Open the Audio MIDI Setup application (Utilities folder).
Try changing the settings to 44100Hz (CD Quality) or to 48000Hz (typical of the iMovie formats).
Others call this the GarageBand fix. Opening GB also resets the Audio MIDI Setup.”

If that is too hard to understand:

*Open GarageBand
*Play a few notes
*Close Garageband
*Open imovie
*Camera should be recognized now.