video capturing prob


Well as the title says, I have a video capturing problem with IMovie HD.

It won't capture video from my sony DCR-TRV25! And that is the only digital video camera that I have.

Apperantly, IMovie doesn't support that specific camera and I am really pissed off. But I tried this program called MediaCapture but that didn't work either. So, yeah. What other program can I use to capture video?

Wirercx ;)
iMovie work real well with any Sony along with firewire. I dont understand why your didnt work transfer film to iMovie. What excatly message said?
Probably means the camera's FW port, your Mac's FW port or the cable's faulty. I'd try aynother cable, then get the cam replaced if that doesn't do it...
I must have tried 20 different cables and none of them have worked... But the thing is is that I don't have a lot of spending money right now so I just can't go out and get the camera replaced.

EDIT: and there is absoulutly no way to do it USB?? :mad:
USB isn't fast enough for DV, and... no... there's not USB ports on any cameras.

I don't mean to sound condescending but... have you done the obvious? Make sure the camera is switched to VTR ( or VCR ) mode instead of camera mode? Tried a different cable? Tried the camera on another Mac? Done voodoo?
It's interesting to check out not only this article, but the user comments below:

The first person said that his Mac had problems with it, except that iMovie WOULD see it, but Final Cut Pro WOULDN'T.... sounds like it's a problem with the camera.


EDIT: a few PC users say they're having interface problems, too, and some guy also says that Apple doesn't support it.

Too bad the interface is wonky. Sounds like the camera has really good quality in terms of image.