Video card questions


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I'm tired of my ATI Rage cards. I am currently running a 4 monitor setup with 3 PCI rages and one agp rage pro. I just got a good deal on some Mac PCI Radeons [2 of them] that I will replace two of the rage pros with.

Now I need to replace the AGP one. I want to get a PC version of either a Radeon or a GeForce 2 [I only have 2x AGP] and the flash the bios on the card so it will work with my mac. Has anyone else tried this? I know it can be done, I just don't know how to do it, or what model cards it can be done on [or where to get instructions on how to do it].

Second, will an AGP GeForce card play nice with a PCI Radeon? [I'm only concernd about OSX support]

Any help would be appreciated.
I can't give a complete answer but I can help a little, I think. First you need a program to flash the cards and well it doesn't always work. Second as far as I've read nVidia GeForce2 and GeForce3 graphics acclerators are 4X AGP only. What is so bad about buying the Mac version of the RADEON anyway? Support your platform.
I'm tired of paying 10 - 50% more for something that is IDENTICAL to another version accept for the logo. You can get a PC GeForce3 for 280 bucks and the mac one is 500. Another good example is Quake 3 Arena. I paid 50 bucks for this game when the PC version was only 29 and the game is IDENTICAL [you can download the application for free from the website since it is updated all the time]. I'm a poor college student. I support the platform by buying new Macs every year and converting everyone I can over [I've gotten 8+ people to abandon peecees].

I've been doing some more homework on the subject:
Having a 2x AGP doesn't matter. Both GeForce2MX + 3 will work. Only the GeForce2MX and GeForce3 cards can be flashed, but I don't know if the TV output will work.

My biggest concern at this point is if a GeForce2/3 will work along side a PCI Radeon. I want to be able to watch DVDs [when 10.1 gets here] on my TV. The PCI Radeon has TV out, so I wonder if I can use that...or if it has to be on the AGP card.

I guess I have some testing to do :)
the problem with the GeForce is that nVidia does not actually make the cards. They design and contract the manufacturing of the GPU (graphical processing unit), and then sell the GPU to card makers. If I understand it right, only Apple makes GeForce cards for Macs. I am sure the reason Apple switched to the GeForce is because they were able to use their own fabs and just buy the GPU saving over purchasing the entire card from ATI. With that in mind, I do not even know if it is possible to use a PC GeForce in a Mac.

As far as buying PC parts to use in my mac, I do it all the time... I just make sure the company supports drivers for the product that I am getting. Somewhat related... I wish that Adaptec would use the same card for their PowerDomain SCSI U160... it is $100 less for the "exact" same card in the PC shop down the street.