Video Cards Disable Other Pci Cards?



I need to run OS 9 to configure my Adaptec 39160. Since my original video card fried, I got a Radeon 9200 which runs great in OS X, but in 9 it apparently disables other PCI cards, including my 39160. When I boot in 9, System profiler recognizes the card, when I run the flash utility 1.2 it recognizes the card. But when I run Powerdomain utility, it doesn't recognize the card.
I got an old ATI 128 Rage Pro, but it still doesn't work.

SCSI card works in OSX, disks work.

Is it my video card?
ATI advises against removing any drivers.

Is there a utility for configuring the card in OS X?


I run Adaptect 39160 in a G4-1.25 dual. I am currently using the nVidia GeForce4 MX video card. The adaptec card works in both OSX 10.3.9 and 9.2.2. There are drivers for OSX for the 39160 which you can download from the Adaptec website. I used it for a year in OS9 and another year in X, and I switch back and forth occasionally. What CPU are you using? Is the video card in the AGP slot?