Video Conferencing in X?



I just got me a camcorder :). Unfortunately all my Windoze friends have video messaging apps coming out of the wazzu. I believe M$ publicly including the Net Meeting libraries in the OS has made this easy for Yahoo and etc to do this. This is one of the few areas I had to humbly bow my head and say "You're right, there are more apps for Windows."

Does anybody know if Apple has plans to do something similar? They killed Quicktime Conferencing a while ago.

The only video conferencing application I have found on the Mac is iVisit. It is a somewhat nice MacOS 9 beta app.
Hmm...nothing comes to my mind...

then again, you can always hope that apps like ICQ or Fire might get such a feature...or maybe even the Office 10 suit???
What about VirtualPC? Tried to make it work under VPC? I doubt that it works, but it's worth a try...