Video Editing And Export On Ibook G3


Hi there,
I have been editing my hobby movies on iMovie for a couple of years using a 14"iBook Combo G3. To retrieve the finished movie I have been exporting to DV Tape in the VideoCamera.
This is the problem: I can't afford to replace my computer to G4 or G5 and I want to save my movies to DVD.
I want to know what the best approach to do this is using my current G3iBook 700mhz and 384mbRAM.

So far my research has told me to use Final Cut Express 1.0.1 as the new version2 does not suit G3
(I can't find FCE 1.0.1 anywhere) and export from that edit software to an external Burner. Should the burner be via Firewire?... Are all burners Mac friendly?

Hope you can help.
Best Regards
I don't think you can buy any burner and it'll work with a Mac; you should check if it is supported first as a precaution.

If you can fork out the extra money, you can burn your movies to DVD using Toast Titanium.
Thanx Veljo
I have just installed Toast Titanium, but still had it in my head that iMovie wouldn't recognise ext. burner..... so I'll go and read into the Toast functions and see what I can learn.
thanx again.