Video Mirroring & Other Portable Issues W/ OS X

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1. Does anyone know why Video Mirroring isn't supported on my 466 iBook?
Obviously they're not dropping support for it, or else they wouldn't have included it in TiBook

2. How About some energy saving controls?

3. Is there going to be a hibernation mode? (Instant Start-Up, No Power Used while Hibernating)

4. Can you create RAM disks in OS X? Would a RAM disk save energy?

Feel free to add any questions of your own, this is a real thread, not just a single person looking for answers.
No clue about the video mirroring or when it will be added (well, that's not true; my personal theory is it'll be added along with DVD support in 10.1 this July 17), but I had a video-related question as well: Does OS X support the RCA-style video in/out of the Beige G3 and earlier PowerMacs (Specifically the 8600)? I'd hate to think I'd lose such a wonderful functionality if I hacked X onto my 8600.

As far as RAM Disks go, I don't think we'll see those ever again.

Hibernation? All I know is that Sleep mode drains more power under X than it does under 9, but I'm sure they're working to fix that ... they have that "5 hour battery life" thing to uphold ;)

Is anyone going to the WWDC? I really wanted to go, but oh, wait, it would take me 10 years to save up 1,500 bucks on my current salary.

10.0.3 RULES!

Centris660/7.6.1 <--- my answering machine :)
I read an Apple TIL or some other document that discussed video mirroring in OS X. You might do a search on Apple's site for that.

Yeah, we're all still waiting on RAM disks. They still have their place.

You've <em>got</em> to believe that Apple is working on a better sleep system. The current one is dismal. On my TiBook I can't even change the battery while the computer's asleep. As for that 5-hr claim by Apple, that's just a lie. I'm surprised Nader-ites let them get away with it. Oh wait, maybe they meant your battery lasts up to 5 hours in sleep mode! That's about right.