Viewing Email Problems Between Mail Mac Os X And Outlook On Pc


Hi there. A company who's a client of mine have been sending out emails to their own clients with an email signature that includes an image. They have received emails back from these clients stating that they are only able to view the email in text format, and along with that every email has about 5 email attachments (from what I know, they are: 1 of the signature image, 2 of the same file that is the email content plus some other jargon, and another 2 files that were not actually sent with their emails). It only seems to happen with PC users on Outlook. Does this seem like some sort of a compatibility issue between the two programs? I initially thought it was because the PC users did not have their settings set to receive HTML emails, but then why are they receiving around 5 email attachments when all they should be getting is the one attachment of the image in the signature? I hope I have made sense. I have some technical knowledge if that helps?

Thanks very much


Whenever I send an email to a windows user, hotmail or outlook, the mail shows up as five attachments, with whatever I have typed in the first paragraph showing up as the text, and the rest of the email showing up in attachments. This does not appear to fix when i select the always use windows friendly attachments options. Does anybody know of any other solutions?