Viewing OS X served pages in Classic on on same machine


Some guy

I'm using Mac OS X (10.04) on Beige G3 300mhz 192mb RAM.

I'm trying to connect to my OS X apache/tomcat server from within the Classic environment.

Inside OS X you can simply use to connect but this doesn't work when using a browser inside Classic.

Is there any way of connecting from Classic to OS X?

The reason I wish to do this is that I am trying to set-up UltraDev 4 so that I can develop JSP sites with it using tomcat on OS X as the app server. I'm trying to do this all on one machine(!!). It doesn't appear able to see OS X from within UltraDev (which is in Classic).

I'm guessing that as I can't even see normal web pages in Classic served from OS X on the same machine that this is the root of my problem - is this correct?

I have no problems connecting to normal sites served from elsewhere (i.e. over the internet).

Can you help?


Yes: instead of using the loopback device (, try using the machine's IP address. For example, mine would be You should be able to find what you need in the networking control panel. I have a feeling that this should work, as OS 9 doesn't know what loopback loops back to. ;) If it doesn't, tell me, and I'll be back!
That is what I was kind of thinking.

Problem is that I don't have an IP address unless I dial up and connect to the internet (via modem).

Obviously I don't want to be connected whilst I'm developing stuff as it costs money!

However, when connected I can indeed use the IP address assigned to me by my ISP to view my OS X served pages. Only regular apache served stuff on port 80 works though - tomcat pages thru port 8080 still seem to fail.

I wonder if my ISP is to blame for this - they might not let you use all ports from home as it is only a dial up account and not intended for hosting etc - dunno?!?!

Any further help still very welcome.

I'm itching to be able to develop and test Java/JSP stuff all on one machine using, apache, tomcat, project builder, and UltraDev.

I can't wait for UltraDev to get native on OS X!!! (or dreamweaver, or photoshop, etc etc)