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How can I read documents in Chinese on OS X? Are there NJStar equivalents out there for OS X?

How can I get Chinese interface like I would with Japanese and European locales? The Internationalization option has no Chinese.

Finally, how do I write in Chinese? (Same question as the first one, I guess).

I have a Tibook bought in the USA.

Thanks in advance! :D

For now there is no chinese localization.
The OS has been localized for 7 languages thus far and chinese aint one of em.

BUt you are in luck for writting.
Just go to the keyboard enabling preferences (for lack of a better word :p). Its the last tab on the international pane. Then check off the keyboard which is the chinese one and you will see an american flag on the menu bar. Click it and choose the chinese one, and you are ready to write chinese.
Is there a Chinese keyboard layout? I have a total of 32 keyboard layouts, but none of them are Chinese. I wonder if it's a problem on my end, since it seems odd that it's not in there.

As for reading, this is possible. Are you trying to read web pages, text documents, or what?
Yeah, I looked for a chinese keyboard and there isnt one for me on this US OS X. And even if there were one, how could it be useful if I can't read the "Chinese" I am supposedly typing out if I lack a chinese viewer? Like I tried to read this Chinese file from a lexmark driver, and it is truly gibberish (not the sort of gibberish Chinese may seem to non-Chinese readers ;-)

Any help? Will Apple add more locale "skins" to the rather Western European (plus Japan) oriented setting?

Muchas gracias, Amigos y amigas.

Well right belowe the "localization" skins is another list where you have several items including Cyrillic, Roman, Korean (written in korean), japanese (written in japanese) and 2 chinese.

If you dont have them perhaps its best to clean install OS X G64 again. When I installed it initially there werent anycyrillic encodings, but Ideleted everything pertaining to OS X (in OS 9) and clean installed OS X and I got most of the stuff back :D

There is chinese there :)
Oh boy. I will just wait for version 10.1 and hope that it will add new locale skins as well as keyboard types to the OS. Hope it won't be crowded this weekend when stores have the 10.1 version available.... Oops, did I just make the crowd bigger?

Well G64 is the GM, so you would get the same thing, I think.
I did a "clean install" (without formating my hard drive that is) because I could not get stuff up to date. It only updated what was already on my HD, so if you dont have chinese on your HD it probably wont update it.