VIM Issues + GENERAL remarks


Installed ncurses and VIM using MAC OSX pkg's from

vim wont start up b/c:

dyld: vim can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libdl.dylib (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

and ls-l yields:
[localhost:/usr/local/lib] macroot% ls
libcurses.dylib libform.dylib.5.2 libmenu.dylib.5.2 libncurses.dylib.5.2 libpanel.dylib.5.2
libform.a libmenu.a libncurses.a libpanel.a terminfo
libform.dylib libmenu.dylib libncurses.dylib libpanel.dylib xemacs
libform.dylib.5 libmenu.dylib.5 libncurses.dylib.5 libpanel.dylib.5 xemacs-21.1.12

Any suggestions why this aint workin???

Also. this forked place doesnt seem to have its act together.

In General

It's nice that OSX has this pkg utility for easy installation, it's just that the level of stuff is pretty junky. Let's hope the issues here are from the forked guy.....
running 'otool -L' on the binary in question (vim in this case)
will show the dynamic lib dependencies.

Yes, it should have been mentioned I suppose.