VIM Syntax color help needed


I'm desperately trying to get syntax highlighting under VIM 5.7 working, and any help anyone could give me would be appreciated.

I have a working copy of X11 and sawfish, so if anyone can help me get get color through that route, that's great; otherwise, vim color in would be welcome as well.

thanks in advance.
Create a file in your home directory called ".vimrc". Enter the following 2 lines:

set term=builtin_beos-ansi
syntax on

Save the file and (re)start vim.

I forget where I got this tip, but it works for me.

I probably shoulda mentioned this earlier, but I forgot. I'm running 10.1 and want C syntax highlighting.

When I tried the above tip and using vim in, it a) told me that it didn't recoginize builtin-beos_ansi as a term type and b) nothing happened.

I tried builtin_ansi, but nothing happens then, either.

Any other suggestions?