virtual desktops like Linux


Linux provides 4 virtual Desktops that can simply be switched.
That`s something for a Mac OS X application to be put into the dock.
I forget where it was exactly that I saw it, but OSX does support virtual desktops and consoles in code, but a way to change between these has not yet been implemented. Given time and an update this shouldn't be a problem. Remember, it is still a beta.

I found this little morsel at which seems to suggest that you could have multipule desktops open at once. I havent tried it yet (I will tonight), but it looks like you could be logged in as multipule users at once each with their own desktop space. SWEET!

Man! What can you not do with OSX?!?!?


Copy the "Desktop" (/System/Library/CoreServices) where you want (I like my home folder). Rename it as "Desktop Root", for example.

Open the Terminal and type:


enter the root password

go to the folder where you have copied the "" using the "cd" command and type:

open "desktop"

(or the name you have used for the desktop copy)

Voilá! The Desktop opens as root and you don't have to logout.

The problem is that only bounces the original desktop icon on the dock. Is very important put the new Desktop icon on the Dock, because you'll need it to change between the two desktops. Other problem is that the triangle showing what applications are active doesn't appear on the new desktop icon on the dock.

Sorry for my poor english.