Virtual Pc And Local Apache (mac) Server


I am trying to see my local apache server (on osX) on from IE on Virtual PC.

Everything work fine from MAc, but from VPC no. I was install bonjour for windows, but nothing happens.
I am running VPC 6.1 and Tiger 10.4.1



You can't use as the address to your Mac Web server in Virtual PC.

Virtual PC sets up a "virtual NAT" server to handle ip requests from the Win environment.

So, the Windows "PC" has its own ip address, which means it'll see "itslef" as, not the Mac. You'll have to connect to the Mac's real ip address to see the services running on it.

Also, since the "PC" is running behind a virtual NAT, you won't see anything on Bonjour either, since it isn't on the same local network as the Mac.

Read more about it here: