Virtual PC for OS X


Barking at the moon.
I'm gonna unfortunatly have to use Virtual PC in order to talk with my folks over Microsoft NetMeeting. (if I tell my father I can't use NetMeeting because I have a Mac, he'll rag on me)

Anyhoo, has anyone tried the VPC for X TestDrive? And if so, how does it work? Like I said, I really only need it in order to run NetMeeting. Blah.
got it. won't boot windows at all... used to not get past the "windows 2000, loading" splash screen (low res graphic). now it just gets to the window after that (scans the disk) and freezes.
don't let this get you down though, it's worked for a lot of people. guess it just doesn't like my system.
ah well.
I´ve got the vpc test drive 4.06 installed on my imac and it works without problem! I first installed vpc 4.02 with win98SE in os 9. Then booted into 10.1 and installed 4.06. The modem also works great inside vpc.

Have fun!
And use it to run ControlIT and Oracle for work. It's OK - a little slow, but OK and it seems to be faster under 10.1

If you're going to use it for networking bits, though, be warned. Some of the networking functionality isn't complete in the Test Drive. For example, you can't browse a network neighbourhood or connect to an exchange server via Ethernet. I know very little about how Netmeeting works, so it might not be possible, even with VPC. Also, it's worth pointing out that the Test drive won't work if you don't have a previous full version - that will give the kind of behaviour boi mentions....
Cool cool. Well I'll wait until they release the full version for X. You wouldn't forsee any problems with connecting my Mac using VPC to a Windows XP computer and using NetMeeting, would ya?
actually, if you don't have a previous full version, you don't have an image to boot off of at all.
i bought VPC 4 and downloaded the upgrade (4.0.2? something like that) and then installed this. i have a feeling i need to reinstall VPC4, but that requires locating my cds, and rebooting into 9 (my uptime is approacing 20 days!) and i just don't wanna!


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