Virtual Pc, how can I install windows 95 or 98?


HiI bought Virtual PC with PC-dos 2000 version 4, and updated it to 4.0.2I have a desktop G4 with mac os 9.1 and X.I am trying to install windows 95 and/or windows98. I followed the manual instructions creating a virtual machine and chosing the option windows 95 or windows 98 or pc dos. Everithing was ok, but when I start up this new virtual machine (hit the button "start up") I have a window with an error message "Non-System disk or disk error" instead of the error I should have when I read the manual"the drive image is not bootable".

How can I do to create a window 95/98/2000 viertual machine ?

How can I do to create a dos virtual machine ?
Please help!!!!
1) create a new Hard Drive image (when you open VPC, in one of the menus there is a disk assistant, use it to make a drive. It's simple :) )

2) make sure that in your preferences you specify "CD is bootable" under the CD options

3) if you still get the "non-system disk" error, find a mac with a floppy and make an image from the floppy that was bundled with windows using disk copy
If you cant do that get a boot floppy off the net :) I think it's or something like that :) ...

then use the floppy to boot and use the CD to install