Virtual Pc Problem With Dial Up


I am using Virtual PC 7 on my PowerBook G4. OS X 10.3.6

I need to be able to dial out from the Virtual PC Windows XP software. The reason for this is that I have to use Symantec Client VPN 8.0 software to connect with my companies network. When I go through Shared Networking setup out of Virtual PC, the VPN won't connect. So, I am wanting to set up a virtual switch arrangement so that I can dial out directly from the Windows XP environment and hopefully I can then get that VPN client to establish a tunnel. Right now, I have the virtual switch turned on, I have a modem identified and a connection defined. Within the Windows XP environment, the software identifies my PowerBook modem and says that it is active and ready. However, when I try to dial out, nothing happens and I get a message that says the computer on the other end is cancelling the connection. Is that other computer my PowerBook? If so, how do I fix this?