Virtual PC X!!!

Mr. Mysterious

I've been surfing the web, trying to look for new products designed for OS X and I'm not sure if they were official sources, but according to what I read, Virtual PC X has just been confirmed! It takes full advantage of the powerful OS and runs PC programs faster than ever before!!! It looks sooo cool and runs super, no, ultra fast on duel G4s!!! Pretty cool, eh? Has anyone else heard of this? And does anyone have an opinion on the subject? Cause if it's true I gotta have it!!!

P.S. I read about it at more than one site, so odds are it's true!

where did you read about this? all the stuff i've read so far says that connectix will be shipping something late, like in a year or so, because they are writing something that hooks into the kernel at a lower level, because mach has much better abilities for this kind of stuff than traditional macOS does. can you give us some real url's?