Virtual PC


I am using Virtual PC for mac 7.0.2. I am trying to play a network game with my housemate who has a windows box.

The game (Tiberian sun) requires you to use IPX instead of TCP/ip for network games so i have installed that on both machines. The game also requires you to select the physical address of the network interface you are using to connect to the tnetowrk - i have this setup correctly (as far as i can tell) - by typing at the command line ipgconfig -all i can see the address of the ethernet card.

Both OS are on the same workgroup so thats not he problem. The only thing i can think of that is wrong is that because the ethernet card is not REALLY an ethernet card, more a link to my actual ethernet card it is not using the correct address (i.e. the address given by windows is not the address of my card.

I looked a tthe address of my card in OS X and found it to be similar to the one windows was reporting - but not exactly the same.

Does anyone have any ideas? and please dont say that you cantr run games on VPC, because you can - single player works perfectly.
My mac is connected to a router via ethernet.

I have actually made some further discoveries - the mac address being reported by windows running in virtual pc is not the same as the mac address being shown as my macs mac address by the router - thay are similar but not the same.

I am assuming that this is why i cannot join in with the windows boxes on my network in the game lobby, any idea how to fix this? would spoofing my mac address to the one reported by the router (i.e. the correct one) do it do you think? if so do you know a good free program to do this? (i tried 'amac', but the trial version did not work - the mac address was not altered)