Virtual PC4


Has any one been able to get Virtual PC4 to work in OSX?

I have to update a MS Access Database and this is the only way I can access it.

I can't go full on OSX until I can use this product.

Any Ideas or information as to when VPC4 will work on X ?

my gut tells me that you'll have to wait for an official port of virtualpc to os x.

i seriously doubt it will work well under classic, but it may. i'm sure people have tried it.

i would check and see if there's anything on their site that says when they'll have virtual pc ready for os x.
So far no dice in classic, won't run
Connectix is "working" on it.
I was hoping someone might have a "tweak"
I have installed and used RealPC on OS X

I need a PC to monitor Lucent's Orinoco WaveLan I have here in monterrey mexico. And the only way i can do it on OSX is running RealPC or Soft Windows.

I know that you are talking about something slightly different, and that is "accessing an MS Access database stored on your local HD".
However, you could access it through an ODBC (bridge to bridge) connection to a surrounding windows machine. In this way, it may help solve your problem.

I don't remember seeing a binary port to mac OS X, but it should work using the free bsd stuff to compile it on the mac os x (I haven't tried this, so it might be a project in itself).

There is another open source project that is creating code that will read (and write) an access db directly on, potentially, any machine. I understand that it is working to some degree.
you may want to look at it.

Personally, I have had tons of trouble with MS Access on windows machines. If possible, I'd recommend moving to almost any other db. I recognize that sometimes that is not possible.
Nop You get me wrong. I am not accessing a database. I am using a program that using smtp accesses Orinoco WaveLAN devices (some of them like Apple Airports).