Virtual Terminals

I don't think it's possible.

Ofcourse Mac OS X is unix based but it isn't a Unix like Linux or FreeBSD. It's a graphical operatingsystem so there aren't terminals (but it's possible to have a terminal in a window or from another computer with telnet), but a workspace. Graphics environments like BeOS or X (KDE/Gnome) have virtual workspaces zo you can work with different workspaces/screens at the same computer and you can swith between them. But I think that isn't possible with Mac OS X.

It's possible to have some virtual terminals. Just load terminal (it isn't in the dock by default, it's in the folder /Applications/Utilities/) and open one or more shell-windows. If you turn telnet access on, you can also have a terminal/shell from a remote computer.
As in, a console/command prompt login? Ctrl-Alt-F1(through6)? Who cares? It's necessary on Linux because XFree86 has to work on such a wide variety of hardware, and doesn't plug and play, and thus breaks easily. Its neccessary for other Unixes only if the user isn't too careful about Xsession modifications. I assume that OS X's GUI is much more reliable about plug-and-play, so just launch a bunch of Terminal applications.
If i'm correct, if you go inside utilities inside of applications, there is this little app called "Terminal"... or are you talking about something else all together...
just like all other Unix distributions, you can control your mac through the terminal. K then?
Normally in FreeBSD if you are not running X-Windows you have virtual consoles using Alt-Fn to switch betweem the consoles. If you don't want to launch multiple Terminal windows (can't imagine why not), you can simply download a copy of a package called "screen" and compile it. The "screen" package uses a combination of control key sequences to switch between multiple vitrual sessions in a single terminal window. We used to use this in the old dialup/terminal days about 10/15 years ago. The "screen" package is still around. I know it is in the FreeBSD ports collection.