Virtually NEW Apple 17" CRT Display w/ADC for Sale!


I have a virtually brand new 17" CRT Display by Apple using the sweet ADC calbe (power, video, USB) for sale. The CRT and STAND are brand new. I think the cable is the one I've used for about six months. The original CRT had a small vertical blemish on it. I didn't do anything about it at first but then Apple called and offerred an extended warranty on my Cube and my original monitor. I paid the price then sent the monitor in for repair.

To make a long story short, it took Apple 32 days to fix this monitor b/c they had to order a new CRT and STAND from China. Angered, I elevated my concern at Apple "Customer Service" and they "graciously" gave me $100 towards the rental of a monitor which I accepted and consumed in five business days. Still, I was w/o a Monitor so I ended up buying another monitor (15" FS) which I'll keep (per my girlfriend). To my surprise one day my CRT showed up with the repair ticket stating both the CRT and STAND were replaced. If you buy this monitor I'll give you the repair receipt for proof purposes.