Virus Attack...hd Wiped Out!!!! Please Help!!

I'm on a powerbook g4 mac os 9. i carelessly downloaded what i thought was a compressed microsoft word application file from (file sharing program). the minute i decompressed it and opened the file. my computer froze. i forced quit and opened it again. this time i saw files on my harddrive vanish into thin air. i panicked and shut my computer off but when i turned it back on i was shocked to see that everything had been wiped out. I don't know what to do. i'm a fairly new mac user and heard that the chances of contracting a mac virus is very slim. i didn't back up any of my files. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Is everything gone or is this just a hoax or prank virus. It literally vanished within seconds of opening the application. ONCE AGAIN...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

p.s - should i try even bother with any anti-virus or bring it straight to a data recovery center????
Just did some research and found out that i installed a trojan virus called "Microsoft Word OS X Web install"
i guess my question now is whether or not my files are still retrievable?? will a data recovery service be able to retreive my deleted data?? is there hope??
please people help out a ignorant amateur user...plez!!!!
Can you boot on a system CD? ie your OS9 Disc, Hold down the C key during startup.

Access your harddrive and remove the "Microsoftsoft Word OS X Web install" by trashing it and emptying trash.

The notes from here say This trojan was distributed in a file called "Microsoft Word 2004 OSX Web Install", hence the name. (Note - the name can be easily changed and alone can be an indicator of neither malware presence nor absence).

The trojan contains a short malicious OS-X script (Unix script, in fact). When run the program executes this malicious script which performs a recursive deletion of all the files belonging to the current user. This deletes the trojan file too.

It is a simple trojan of "bang-you-are-dead" type and it is not using any vulnerabilities in Mac OS-X.

This trojan is not a threat on any Macintosh computers running OS Version 9 or below.

As for recovering your files you would need a second drive or if you have a second partition on your drive would be needed to place the recovered files onto.

There are such apps as Norton Disc utility (not recommended) or some Disc Doctor, look through or simply say goodbye to your files and start anew....