Virus-like Behavior - Who't the Culprit Quark Or the System


OK - I think I am loosing my mind. NEVER in my 20 years of being a MAC user have I had such extraordinarily stressful time with a couple od jobs.

-overly inflated Quark documents (you can see if go from 5mg to 23MB from one back up to the next)
-Qxd docs literally disappearing before my eyes
-Q preferences regulalry corrupting and having to be replaced
-Q application quitting randomly and regularly
-Photoshop renaming files and adding a
#" sign plus some numbers - I noticed this as Q was "collecting for output" and I watched the progress bar collect some items with names i was not familiar with. I NEVER add a # to my doc names
-Q "unable" to make PDFs
- garbled text in second of 2 large Q jobs
-memory issues with Q 6-page doc which has 1 full page bleed image: error on the page says it cannot display image, even though this is the first and only doc and app open at start of day

-spend hours talking to Q - regularly trashing the Prefs. They gave not recommended re-installing
-rename/save as a new version of Q daily or sometimes 2xs
-Q auto save/BU feature on
-have "thumbnail" dragged to replace both Q problematic files
-run Font Fanagler daily
- had to reduce the size of the 72 page Q doc into 6-10± page chapters because it ballooned to over 500MG
-made sure all jpegs/tiffs/eps images ging into the Q doc were sized properly and NOT being reduced within Q
-have run Norton Antivirus on all harddrives & files and the ONLY problem was a small .jpg in the Help folder called printer_word.jpg which I removed this a.m.

Other problems:
-Dreamweaver & Word quit unexpectedly & randomly
-unable to shutdown because Suitcase refuses to quit so shutdown times out
-ran Disk Utility on all but the main system (yet to do today) and got an <unable to unmount disk (-10000) error> on one of my main partitions. DU repaired it.

I am unsure what to do next besides shoot Q and move on! I am unsure what will happen at the printer with these images that were collected for the Quark document which seemed to have been re-named. My hunch is that Q will think the image is missing. How do I begin to know who is the culprit here?

Is it time I switch to Tiger?

MAC G4 Powerbook 1.5Ghz
Q 6.5
PS 7.0

HUGE THANKS to anly and all who respond.