Visual Basic and MacOSX


I own a Power Mac G5 which has Office for mac 2004 installed on it. I have created several Applescripts using Safari, Excel, Filemaker Pro etc. and they run at a quick pace.

I recently wrote some Visual Basic code for Excel 2004. The code does some calculations on data in an Excel spreadsheet, then deletes some rows and paste some data.

Upon running, or should I say "walking", the VB code I found that it took almost 5 times as long to run on my Mac as on a pc. What gives? Any ideas or thoughts on why the extreme difference? I have heard that a different version of VB is part of Office for mac 2004 than for similar pc based Office suites.
Everything Microsoft does for the Mac is just the bare minimum without any of the performance of their Windows counterparts. Just look at IE, Word, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player.