Vitural Pc Running On Tiger 10.4


I installed Vitural PC on a G5 machine running Tiger 10.4 OS. It works fine as I installed WINDOWS XP and Microsoft Outlook2003. Outlook works great when it connects to Exchange 5.5.

However, The user who I am supporting wants to attached files stored in his Mac. to send in Outlook. Under Vitural PC menu, there is a way to transfer files from PC to Mac. (basicly drag and drop works!).

The problem is I can not fine a way to tranfer files from Mac to the Vitural PC. What do I have to do to make this work?

So VMWare App will be completely independent to the software upgrade correct. I really wanted to know if someone has results that VMWare fusion did indeed work after the upgrade. Then I can rest my mind a bit. Otherwise, I will uninstall Fusion, upgrade and re-install Fusion and finally reinstall XP. I just wanted confirmation.