Voice Chat With I-chatav


Hi there I am using an i-book with Mac OS X 10.3.9
i-Chat AV 2.1

This is all crazy new to me as all my friends have PC's so they've just began to get AIM so I can chat with them.

My friend was able to video and voice with me (I mean she could hear and see me from my side- so one way invite) using my Logitech web-cam (though I went thru "hell" having to download something so it would work....and thankfully I think I found that info thru one of your forums)

I was unable to hear her as she is working on her end with her PC to figure out what she has to do.

I wanted to only voice chat with her over either my own built-in microphone or preferably the Plantronics headset. I have gone to the sound section in the computer and chosen the headset. In i-Chat under Audio I am checked as microphone enabled but if I go to her and then say Buddies the "Invite To One-Way Audio Chat" is in light grey so not an option. I have signed out of i-Chat, plugged my headset in and signed back in but it doesn't give me the option to send her a one-way audio invite, yet I can with my web-cam when I use it. I don't always necessarliy want to use my cam.

I'm not a "computer" person, so excuse my simple language. I have tried to look thru the forums and search engine's under my particular Plantronics Headset type to see if I have to download something so I can use it with i-chat like I had to with the Logitech Cam I use...hmmm...

My i-book recognized my head-set when I bought them, I didn't have to download a CD or anything could that be the problem? I can use the headset with everything else it seems so I never donwloaded anything originally to use them.

THANK YOU for anything you can help me with! Iy yi yi.....