Voice Messages via Email in MacOS X


About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to use a NeXT computer, and I was able to easily send and receive voice messages via email. :cool: When I opened up a new mail message, there was a button to click to start recording, and then I just pressed send. The only disadvantage with that system was that only people with a NeXT box could recieve it (practically speaking).

Now that MP3s are easily playable on any computer system, I wonder if there isn't an easy method for sending Voice Messages via email. To do it now, I have to record it (in Peak), convert it to MP3, (in iTunes), and then send the attached file with Mail.app. Is there an easier way? Isn't the time ripe for this kind of feature?

Any ideas? :confused:
i have not used it but I know some ppl who use it all the time, it is called "viavooice" I dont have the URL at hand so I will post it later:)
Are you sure? Viavoice is the voice recognision software by IBM. I didn't think that it enabled you to send emails with voice recorded attachments. I might be wrong though.
I'm not looking for IBM's ViaVoice. I want something that I can use to conveniently record my own voice and send it as an MP3 in via email. Surely something like this exists... :(
Do you think Apple's working on something like this for the next version of the Mail.app?