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hey guys,
well, I work at wal-mart and need to come up with some PA announcements for the connection center that I run. I want to voice record them on my mac and burn them to cd so I don't have to actually say them every hour on the hour. Any recomendation on how to do this?


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Sure, download Audio Recorder from Version Tracker. That (free) program will allow you to record from your microphone and save to a mp3, mp4 or aiff file, all of which can be burned to CD. I recommend you save all of your recordings as mp3s to a single folder, then make a new playlist in iTunes (the + at the bottom left) and drag the recordings into the playlist. Then put a blank CD-R in the computer's CD drive and press "Burn Disc" (circle at the top right) twice.


When you burn that CD, make sure its being burned as a "Audio CD". iTunes --> Preferences --> Burning. I suggest this because I'm not sure if the CD player you will be using has MP3 support or not. If it by chance does, then just burn it as a "Mp3 CD" no problem.