Volume of Apple-"Bong"


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Hi guys,

short question. I've got an iMac G5. And everytime I turn it on it does it's normal "Bong" - sound, but it's too loud. The whole house wakes up when I turn it on.

Is there any way to reduce the volume or to turn it off?

You could plug in a stereo plug or head phones into the audio out of the Computer, thus stopping sounds using the inbuilt speakers ;)
No, it doesn't. I have my Speaker system connected to the machine. The "Bong" always comes out of the machine.
I had a "startupsound" prefpane that can mute only the Bong.

TinkerTool System (the one that costs) can do it, too.

Check versiontracker.com for the details.

Dunno about G5's. We're on 4's here. And Panther.
Try turning the volume down before you turn off the computer,
or better yet - don't ever turn it off, just use the sleep function
when you are not using the computer.
There were two possible solutions that may help mentioned in the past:



StartupSoundPrefPane 1.03

You might try macupdate.com or versiontracker.com searches for them and give them a try. I have not used either and don't know if they work on Tiger or G5s.
Same thing happens to me with my Mac mini. The "bong" sound does not respect my volume settings, and almost always comes from the internal speakers. The weird thing is the "almost" part; every now and then it WILL come through my headphones. Not sure why.

The other strange thing is that my old G3 iMac DID respect my software volume settings — which is strange because that's a user-wide setting, not system-wide (IINM). It also always came through the headphones, not the internal speakers.

Why are new machines different?
mine goes through my 5.1. if i leave it too loud, and fully reboot, it scares the crap out of me.

it always (i think) respects the fact that speakers are plugged in, and the volume on them is king.
There was an app in the Classic enviroment called Normalizer or something that sat in the shut down items folder and it would reduce the sound of the Mac while shutting down so during startup the "Bong" sound would be minimised.

I know that's not exactly what you want but I thought I'd mention it anyhow

And Lt Major Burns, doesn't that vibrate the speakers LOL
I'm not sure if this will work with a desktop, but it does work with my iBook (I think it was a new feature in one of the recent OS updates). If you turn down (or mute) the volume before turning it off, the beep will be quieter (or off) when you start it up the next time. Or you can press the mute key (F3) just after you press the power button to turn it on and it won't do the startup beep.